Chartering 2022-23

Any student groups seeking a charter must follow the chartering process. Members of the Student Organizations Committee (Student Orgs) work with student groups to ensure they meet specific criteria regarding active membership, regularly scheduled meetings, and organized leadership structure. Student Orgs votes to approve the charters of student organizations each semester.

Only student groups that have active members, consistent meetings, and are in need of funding should consider the chartering process. Please fill out the Statement of Interest to begin the process. The Chair of Student Organizations (Samira Begum ’25) will contact you for the next step.

A member of the Student Organizations Committee (SOC) will then be paired with your group for at least two months. This liaison will help ensure your group meets the standards of chartering before you submit your charter for review. If you have not yet heard from your liaison or been paired, please contact Student Orgs.

During this two month period, if your group is in need of immediate funding, you may request an allocation from the SOC. These funds are intended to prove to the SOC that your group is capable of using funding from the Student Activities Budget effectively. Please complete the form and email Student Orgs.

You are now ready to draft a charter. The Chair of Student Organizations will communicate the exact deadline for submitting a charter each year. 

Immediately after this deadline, the SOC will review and vote to approve all applications. If your charter is approved, then your group has officially become a chartered student organization of SGO!

Have any questions?