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San Joaquin County Youth Leadership Academy

The Program

Dates: June 2018-July 2018 (5 weeks)

Organized and Operated by: The San Joaquin County District Attorney’s Office, in coordination with the Superior Court, Public Defender’s Office, and San Joaquin County Bar Association 

Group Project: Designed and presented a video on issues pertaining to homelessness in San Joaquin County

The Curriculum

Attended classroom lectures led by justice system professionals on the following topics:

  1. criminal law and procedure
  2. alcohol and traffic laws
  3. career assessment tools
  4. substance abuse
  5. teen dating violence
  6. domestic violence
  7. child support laws
  8. gangs
  9. cyber-bullying and social media
  10. the long term importance of education and other relevant topics.
  1. Stockton Homeless Shelter
  2. San Joaquin County Jail
  3. Folsom State Prison

Observed actual court proceeding and participated in a mock trial