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How do I create a new mailing list for my club/organization?

In the dashboard, go to the “Mailing Lists” card and select “Create a Mailing List.” You will be asked to enter the name of your list and your request will be sent for approval. If approved, the email assigned to the list will be [listname]

What mailing lists am I subscribed to?

You can find the mailing lists you are currently subscribed to by going to and signing in with your SCCS account information. For security purposes, your device needs to be connected to eduroam. If you are not on campus, you will need to use ITS’s VPN system to connect to the network.

How do I add/remove members to a list?

You can request to be added to a list or unsubscribe by clicking the subscribe/unsubscribe button in the info tab of a list. Owners of a mailing list can add or remove members by going to the “Mass Operations” tab. They can remove members one at a time in “Users.”

What are subscribers, moderators, owners?

Subscribers are members who receive emails sent to the mailing list. Moderators are members who receive an email whenever an email is sent to the list from an unapproved email address. Owners have full privilege over the list and can change its settings, add/remove members, and moderate incoming messages. Owners and moderators need to be subscribed to receive emails.

Where can I modify user settings?

Go to your user profile on the top right and select “Mailman settings.” There are options for global or per-list preferences here. 

The following are some settings you may wish to set:

  • Receive own postings
  • Hide address: if you do not want your email to be displayed when someone views the list membership
  • Delivery status: if you want to receive messages posted to this list or stop receiving them temporarily

Why are my emails not getting sent out?

Emails may be held in the moderation queue. Let us know if this isn’t the case.