The Student Budget Committee (SBC) has been an institutional committee of Swarthmore’s student government since 1946 when it began to allocate funds for student groups. At the end of spring semester each year, SBC runs Spring Budgeting, in which all chartered student organizations may propose a budget for the following year. In the event that a chartered student organization requires additional funding in the following year, the SBC holds weekly meetings that are open to the public to hear student groups’ requests for supplemental funding. The SBC works closely with the Office of Student Engagement (OSE) to process reimbursements, check requests and support student organizations with purchasing necessities for function. In addition, the SBC holds weekly office hours to answer collect reimbursement forms and answer general questions.


The Student Budget Committee (SBC) works with the  Office of Student Engagement (OSE) and Student Government Organization (SGO) to support the function of chartered student organizations on campus. The SBC is led by the SBC Chair and consists of two structures: the Committee and Office. The Committee consists of eight  students with the position name of Councilor. The SBC Chair and Councilors facilitate the allocation of the student activity fee through weekly funding meetings and Spring Budgeting. The Office Consists of seven students, six Associates and a General Manager and is responsible for processing reimbursements and running office hours.


Office Hours
(Parrish 476E)

|  Monday: 4-6pm   |   Wednesday: 4-6pm  |   Friday: 2-4pm  |

Supplemental Funding Meeting
(Sharples Room 4)

Sunday: 5-7pm
(Open to the public)


Request For Reimbursement/Payment

Bring or email this general payment form with the receipts to SBC office hours for reimbursements, cash advances, or service payments.

Funding REquests

Request Supplementary Funding

Use this form to request supplementary allocations at weekly Sunday SBC meetings. Funding meetings are open to campus. Chartered groups should send in their request by the preceding Friday at 8pm to guarantee a slot at the meeting.


Meeting notes from our weekly supplemental funding meetings for the 2019-2020 academic year. Updated weekly.

SBC Bylaws

Outline the proceedings of the Student Budget Committee.(Currently being updated).


Provides general tips and guidelines concerning funding.

Comprehensive guide to the operations and responsibilities of club treasurers.

    States the responsibility of each treasurer.

Subcode list and descriptions for funding requests.


List of all student chartered organizations on campus. (Updated December 2019)

A budget sheet template, all groups should keep track of their spending.


Student Government Organization Website.

Various forms and general information for club treasurers.



Richmond Mensah ’21
 Abuhena Hares ’20
Aditya Jayakrishnan ’20
William Khan ’21
Christina Wang ’22
Malcolm Bevans ’22
Luke Ingersoll ’22
Yiyin Hu ’22
Simon Ji ’22


General Managers
Evelien van Gelderen’21
Sidhika Tripathee ’22 [Monday]
Winfred Nemlin ’20 [Wednesday]
Thomas Blakelock ’21 [Friday]
Lizzie King ’21 [Friday]
Kyle Lee ’22 [Wednesday]
Elise Layne ’22 [Monday]