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About Student Government

What is SGO?

Members of the Student Government Organization of Swarthmore College serve as liaisons between the students and faculty, staff, alumni, and the administration at large.

We are governed by our Constitution, which outlines our campus duties, including management of the student group chartering process, appointments to Swarthmore College committees, and other relevant annual processes. The Constitution also assigns the allocation of the Student Activities Budget to the Student Budgeting Committee (SBC), a subdivision of SGO. 

In 2015 we codified our Bias Response Policy which instituted a protocol for timely and appropriate student response in incidents of bias within the Swarthmore College community.

Executive Board

The Executive Board meets on a weekly basis to make decisions regarding campus policy and student initiatives.

The President and Vice President head the Executive Board, which consists of the appointed SBC Chair and seven elected SGO committee chairs:  
  • Academic Affairs
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Internal Affairs / Appointments
  • Student Life
  • Student Organizations
  • Outreach


The Senate meets on a weekly basis as a part of the full SGO to review decisions made by the Executive Board and to offer support and ideas for SGO initiatives.

The Senate is comprised of up to 20 senators. Senators are either elected by students to represent their class year, or selected by SGO to represent the general student body as Senators At-Large. 

This body may propose amendments to the Constitution and work with the Executive Board to initiate referenda and pass resolutions. The Executive Board committee chairs head committees comprised of members from the Senate.

SGO 2023-24 Goals

What's different this year?

“This year, SGO is more dedicated than ever to acting as a liaison between the student body and the broader Swarthmore administration. To do that, however, we need to know areas where students could use extra support, so we can work to improve things however possible. In other words, we need your help (whether through conversations, emails, or other channels) to foster the community, candor, and cultivation that Swarthmore is missing. ” –Liv Medeiros-Sakimoto, September 23rd email


We want to foster a greater sense of community that welcomes and values every voice.


SGO practices candor in campus-wide communications and other opportunities such as weekly office hours and open senate meetings.


We are cultivating a culture of growth and progress that empowers us to work together toward a better future for all Swarthmore students.

Student Government

Current Members

Class of 2024 Senators
Zeynep Emanet
Class of 2025 Senators
Nathanael Brown
Matt Gutow
Saumya Raj
Class of 2026 Senators
Elan Nadelman
Bernadette Carney
Luca Campiani
Class of 2027 Senators
Aayma Hamid
Cayla Kushner
Jade Buan
Adina Shane
At-Large Senators
Katie Kerman ‘26
Aaron Shinbrot ’27
Brandon Sorongon ‘26
Alex Dow ‘27
Joost Almekinders ‘27
Logan Aboudara ‘27
Ayla Gordon-Mandel ‘27
Bradley Holland ’27
Alice Coxe ‘27
Executive Board
Liv Medeiros-Sakimoto (President)
Danika Grieser (Vice President)
Audrey Levenson (Outreach)
Clara Ximena (Diversity and Inclusion)
Grace Taylor (Student Organizations)
Abby Guise (Student Life)
Yosué González (Academic Affairs)

Darby Creegan (Internal Affairs)