Swarthmore FLI Council


Important Campus Resources

Career Peer Advisors (CPAs)

Career Peer Advisors (CPAs) are trained student workers who advise fellow students primarily on their resumes, cover letters, initial job/internship search process, and can provide a general overview of the resources offered by Career Services. CPAs are a great initial way to connect with our office, and have many students who meet with them on a regular basis during their weekday drop-in hours from 1:00-4:30pm in Parrish 135.

Career counselors also do all of the aforementioned, but most importantly, they provide one-on-one counseling for all topics career-related. Our counselors are also available for mock interviews for various types of opportunities and mock case interviews for consulting positions.

Student Academic Mentors (SAMs)

Student Academic Mentors (SAMs) are sophomores, juniors, and seniors specially selected and trained to work with students on the development of skills necessary for academic success at Swarthmore such as time management, organization, study strategies, and reading techniques.

SAMs draw on their personal experiences as well as their training to mentor peers. During the first few weeks of school, SAMs are invaluable in helping first-year students access all the resources available on campus.

Research and Information Associates (RIAs) 

Research and Information Associates (RIAs) assist fellow students with finding and evaluating information. A RIA can help you get started with a research project, clarify your topic, and find and cite sources. They can connect you to research librarians, SAMs, Writing Associates, and other resources for further consultation. By working with a RIA, you’ll learn how to use library resources effectively.

Writing Associates (WAs)

Writing Associates (WAs) assist fellow students in working through all stages of the writing process in various disciplines. The Writing Associate Mentor (WAM) program pairs WAs with students in a semester-long one-on-one relationship focused on the writing process. The writing center is located in Trotter 120.

Speaking Associates (SPAs) 

Speaking Associates (SPAs) are Writing Associates (WAs) who are trained to help students with their presentations. SPAs work with students on the structure of their ideas and arguments, their oral delivery, and their visual aids in a variety of capacities, including preparing final presentations, leading seminar discussion, presenting research in progress, or pitching a grant proposal. SPAs have worked with students to present their research at Senior Showcase, SWAT Tank and class presentations.

Lang Center Associates (LCAs)

The Lang Center Associates (LCAs) are issue-based student ambassadors for the Lang Center for Civic and Social Responsibility. Working at the front desk, LCAs warmly greet visitors, research new pathways for students to engage with specific social issues, and advise fellow students on how to link their passions, curricular choices, and community engagement opportunities. The LCAs are also responsible for maintaining the Lang Center’s Issue Area pages with updated information regarding opportunities for students, relevant coursework, and examples of previous Engaged Scholarship work.