Our Initiatives

[Image Description: Flyer containing expectations for the food pantry. We ask that you 1) Take only what you need. 2) Clean up after yourselves! If there are empty boxes, break them down and throw them out. 3) Open a new box if supplies/food runs out. 4) Remember that this pantry is specifically for Low Income students. Please do not use the pantry if you are not FLI. 5) Please leave any feedback on the following form: tinyurl.com/swatpantry]

Food Pantry

The food pantry is located on the same floor of Essie Mae’s, at the end of the leftmost hallway. We make an effort to restock the food pantry regularly, particularly during breaks, so that low-income students can have free access to food. In addition to food, we also stock some laundry and hygiene essentials.

If you have any questions/suggestions/concerns please fill out this google form and let us know!

[Image Attached] of the "I Love to Drive" Car

Drivers Education *Pilot*


FLI Council has partnered with I Love To Drive, a local-area driving school, to offer private lessons and a driver’s exam to 20 Swarthmore students. 

FLI Council will direct students to resources where they can study for the PA permit test. We will also outline the set of documents required to secure a permit and give you about one week or so to secure those documents. Then, FLI Council will drive the students to a local PA DMV to take the permit test. 

Students will coordinate with I Love to Drive to schedule their lessons once they have passed the permit test. Students will be paired with a personal instructor and will receive 3 2-hour lessons. These lessons can be arranged according to the student’s schedule and flexibility. Students will have until late April/early May to take all lessons. The instructor will pick up and drop off students from Swarthmore College. 

I Love to Drive is certified to administer the PA driver’s road exam. Once the 3 lessons are completed, the instructor will administer a road test. Students who pass will receive a special certificate which they can redeem for a license at the DMV. FLI Council will drive students to the DMV to have their photo taken and acquire their temporary driver’s license. 

Care Packages

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An image of someone holding up a SEPTA Pass (I don't have a picture of the new ones)

SEPTA Pass Initiative

We want you to experience everything Philadelphia has to offer, that is why we launched the SEPTA Pass Initiative! SEPTA Independence passes allow you (up to) 10 rides aboard the following services: bus, subway, trolley, and regional rail.


FLI Fall & Spring Retreats

Every fall/spring break we try to host all-expenses events for FLI students. Previous locations we have visited include the Poconos, Six Flags (Fall 2021), and Walt Disney World/Universal Studios Orlando (Spring 2022).

FLI Van Certification

Are you a FLI student who is van certified or looking to be van certified? If so, complete this form! FLI Council will use this form to maintain a list of van-certified students interested in potentially helping out with future transportation for FLI-council Sponsored Events… and/or simply help any FLI student interested in getting van certification.