Swarthmore FLI Council

Swarthmore offers an emergency fund for those unable to meet immediate and essential expenses. Funding is usually limited to $500 per academic year, and most grants are under $300. 

As FLI Students, you qualify for the first qualifying need. 

“To minimize immediate critical needs of students caused by acute financial stress”

Eligible Non-Academic Expenses

  • expenses associated with emergency medical, dental, vision procedures
  • unanticipated trips home due to a family emergency,
  • various fees related to postgraduate opportunities.

While many of the necessary expenses that we as FLI students are not eligible, I highly encourage you to apply as a way of increasing visibility for the needs of FLI Students on campus.  

*Spring 2022* – Please fill out this form that goes directly to Jasmine Owens regarding any other issues you are experiencing as FLI students. Having records of students requesting support and administration doing nothing is crucial to our advocacy work. 

You can access the emergency funding application here.

You can find the official guidelines here